I believe it is a good time for the round-up of all that we have done so far. My baby is 1 year and a half now. When browsing the Internet I have found information regarding different stages of speech and language development. At one point the focus is on 18 months.   

This is the first time I am trying to sum up our reading and maths programmes in a video form. This summary is mainly in the form of a compilation of various video recordings that I have managed to collect since we started our Doman adventure. I am sure there will be more posts like this in the future focusing not only on the Doman method but also on language acquisition of my daughter. 

The following compilation of videos will deal with speech development in the Polish and English language and I will try to record Maja during our reading time. I have been waiting really long and really patiently until my husband has finally put it all together. You are welcome to watch the video below and see for yourself the following:

1. problem-solving opportunity in the reading programme in the English language of 10-month-old Maja (unfortunately this is the only video that I have from our reading programme in this language – you will find an explanation why under the compilation),

2. dad presenting the cards in the Polish language to 16/17-month-old Maja – bear in mind that he doesn’t go fast enough; Doman suggests presenting the cards as quickly as possible but dad somehow got away with his speed for a long time; as you can hear the mere presence of the cards encourage Maja to speak, 

3. problem -solving opportunities in the Polish language by 16/17-month old Maja, 

4. playtime with maths – just a short fragment because my husband did something wrong while putting all the fragments together and nothing can be done about this,

5. comparing quantities and numerals (I think I wasn’t quick enough). 


Bear in mind, though that it shows maybe 10% of what is going on in our house. I don’t run after Maja with a camera in my hand every day and because of this I miss a lot of precious moments. To give you an example, quite recently my husband was presenting the cards to Maja as usual. She had seen those cards before as this wasn’t her first session. He read “Kuba…” (a Polish version of the name: Jamie) and my daughter finished before he managed to do so. She read “tańczy” (is dancing). Maja must have remembered this because the picture was at the back of the card so she had no visual prompt. 

I had a a bit different situation with maths. She took all the mathematical jigsaw puzzle pieces out of the box (yes…we have something extra apart from Doman’s cards) and started saying  “one, two, three.” Soon after this, she took a piece with numeral 4 and she said “four.” I ran for the camera but it was too late to record anything. I think all parents will agree with me that with kids you can’t have something at a given precise moment just because you want it. I managed to record just some nice moments and they are what I want to show to you. 

I regret not having more videos with Doman sessions when Maja was 8-14 months because I did most of my reading programme in English and maths with dot cards during that period. I admit I had  had more recordings but I deleted most of them on purpose. My only excuse is something called diastasis recti. I realized it too late after pregnancy that my muscles had disconnected and I started doing proper exercises too late. My tummy has been almost like it was before the pregnancy just for a few months now. Before it was round and I couldn’t even suck it in no matter how I tried. That is why I deleted all the videos where I could see this terrible tummy. This was a real hangup for me. Because of that only one video remained from the 9th month. It is an intrinsic part of the video summary. 

In the video you can see mostly the reading programme in the Polish language and next step in maths invented by me: dots mixed with numerals. We are doing this now.


I haven’t realized until today that we have been doing Doman  for more than a year with some breaks. We started maths programme when Maja was only 5-6 months old. We can celebrate about 10 months with the whole-word reading

I would like to present you all the steps we have completed, one by one (you can find out the details by clicking on the link, some links are used more than once): 

Maths (so far only in English):

– maths with red dots (for kids aged 0-3 years)

quantities with red dots from 1 to 100

two-step equations: addition, division, multiplication, subtraction (each type separately at first, then mixed in one session or in one equation)


comparing quantities

comparing various equations


number personalities part 1

number personalities part 2

equations with an unknown quantity



– maths with numeral cards (after completing all ideas with dot cards) 

numbers 1-91

comparing dots with numerals (1-37)

The whole-word reading programme:

– in the English language (all cards – about 400-from the ready-made set done):

15 large red words most familiar to the child and other single red words 

two-word expressions

three- and four- word expressions and first sentences

longer sentences with smaller and smaller font gradually changing colour towards black

personalized books part 1

personalized books part 2

jumble sentences part 1

jumble sentences part 2 (we go on doing it)

introducting words initiated by my daughter (it is still going on)

– in the Polish language:

15 large red words most familiar to the child and other single red words 

single black words

two-word expressions (I haven’t written about them yet)

So far I have offered problem-solving opportunites to Maja. Doman recommends introducing them on each step both in reading and maths programmes. Maja is asked to choose the correct dot card matching the quantity she hears from me or which is the solution of the equation I present. In case of the reading programme she chooses the word card with the word I say. You will find more details on checking your child’s knowledge in the previous post



numerals 92-100 and 0

comparing numbers 38-100 and 0 with dot quantities (I haven’t written about it yet)

Whole-word reading programme in English:

printout and presentation of new words initiatied by Maja

jumble sentences based on known words

Whole-word reading programme in Polish: 

short sentences (I haven’t commented on this step yet)


In the near future we will do the following:
– maths:

presentation of chosen numerals representing greater quantities e.g. 200, 1000, 2500 etc.

presentation of all which I have already mentioned in relation to dot cards but with the use of numerals only

powers (as a crazy mum I was on the verge of doing this with dot cards, however I decided that numerals are necessary for this)

presentation of numbers 1-100 in the Polish language (dad’s task)


lots more depending on what will come to my mind. Doman gives carte blanche to all parents who have completed his basic programme. We are all limited by our own creativity and ingenuity. 

– the whole-word reading programme in English:

printout and presentation of all new words which appear in books recommended by Glenn Doman as appropriate for kids

reading books designed in a way that they are appropriate to be read by small kids (big font and some more criteria which you will soon find on my blog)

gradually going towards my baby’s independent reading 

my baby’s love for books and reading together (I will read my book and my daughter hers) 🙂

– in the whole-word reading programme in Polish:

all steps that have been mentioned above with reference to English beginning with longer sentences

Have you found my experience useful? If yes, share with others.  How about you? Do you have any experience with Doman’s programmes?  I would be really delighted if you leave a comment and share your experience and ideas. 

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I have created a Facebook group for parents doing Doman as I haven’t found any. This is just the beginning but I hope there will be more and more of us soon and that we will share our experience with one another.

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