List of useful blogs and other websites- early education


I am behind with translating and I realize my blog may not consist enough information for you. I have emphasized several times that I am not an expert and that all my knowledge is limited to what I have read and experienced. I don’t want to limit you to my expertise in any way. 

I was inspired to create this section of my blog during one very optimistic conversation 🙂 The list is not complete and I will update it from time to time. 

My blog focuses mainly on non-native bilingualism and the Doman method. You are welcome to visit other blogs and sites for more. You will find such a tremendous amount of information that I advise you to prepare some coffee and bring your notebook. You are going to spend a great deal of time in front of the computer (I hven’t chosen the main photo by chance). I have divided all sites in two categories: non-native bilingualism and Doman method and other right-brain methods.


Non-native bilingualism

Pomelody: A blog combining language learning and music. The author is a composer and a music teacher. She shares her passion for music with her sons. On her blog you will find ideas how to create musical instruments with the use of home resources and lots of valuable articles like this one about the alternatives to Super Simple Songs.   

The Doman metod and other right-brain methods 

DomanMomA blog and a site with lots of free resources for parents following Glenn Doman’s programs. The author is a huge fan of the Doman method and has already successfully tested it on her three kids. 

BrillkidsThere is a blog about early education and a website where you can find all sorts of materials from infant stimulation cards to printable books in the Free Downloads section. Not everything is of a good quality but I believe you will be able to find something for you. You can also find there multilingual programs for teaching reading, maths and music. The available languages are: British and American English, Spanish, Russian, Thai and Chinese (simplified and Mandarin). Brillkids offers 10 free lessons in the trial version. In Brillkids Library you can download extra materials for Little Reader e.g. ready-made bits of intelligence and thematic lessons. If you decide to buy something, my code: BKAFF167008 will give you 10% discount. Moreover, you can benefit from international forum of users. Brillkids is not only about Doman. You will find useful information about the Shichida method and others, too. 

RightbrainlibraryThere is a blog about right-brain education which will certainly broaden your knowledge about the Doman method, the Shichida method and the Heguru method. The other part of the site is a massive library with thousands of flashcards with bits of intelligence, words from different categories and exercises enhancing learning abilities of our little ones. 

GentleRevolutionPress: A publishing company which issues all materials created in the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential which was established by Glenn Doman. You will find there among all: bits of intelligence, books by Doman and much more. Bits are ideal for sure but the price may be discouraging. 

DomanInstitutes: I think no description is necessary here because you all know them. 

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I have created a Facebook group for parents doing Doman as I haven’t found any. This is just the beginning but I hope there will be more and more of us soon and that we will share our experience with one another.