List of mathematical equations by Glenn Doman


You will find a detailed description of a Download section here (how many equations of each type you need to present, my source, why I changed the original order from the book “How to Teach Your Baby Math”). I would like to remind you not to follow the order on the lists and not to trust any schedules which go with ready-made cards unless, of course, they come from the Institutes. Pick your equations at random, avoid similar ones in the same session and cross out the ones you have used. I found out I was short of mathematical symbols because my daughter seemed to adore multiplication so I printed out more. You have the file here in case you need it. 


I divided addition into:











After we complete the subsequent stages of early maths programme using numerals I will add more operations on numerals 0-60.


You can download much more than mathematical lists for Doman’s maths programmeYou will find a detailed description of the download section here.


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