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The article about programs of intelligence hasn’t been translated yet but sooner or later you will find it in English. In the meantime, I recommend you reading “How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.” I am trying to stick to Doman’s suggestions but I also let my imagination run wild. When it comes to the choice of program categories I will follow my daughter’s interests. I will also try to choose categories which are available in our surroundings not to limit her contact with all information to the cards. I know that if a child has an everyday contact with something, he or she will remember it better. We see cars every day. 

You can already find programs in the following categories:

-car brands,


-the Solar System,

-famous scientists,

– dinosaurs,

– insects

and …soon more, because I have already completed our reading program in English and in Polish. It may seem a bit disorganized when it comes to programs but I follow blindly my daughter’s current interests.


The source of our facts: various Internet webpages and a book by Robert Sabauda “Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs.” You will find a picture of Triceratops in  the bits of intelligence section

Triceratops – pocket version

Triceratops – sentences for your child


The source of our facts: various Internet webpages. You will find the mosquito picture in the section with bits of intelligence. 

Mosquito- pocket version

Mosquito- sentences for your child


Famous scientists

This is just the beginning. The source of our facts: various Internet sources and “Questions and Answers about Science” by Usborne. You will find Einstein’s picture in the section with bits of intelligence

Albert Einstein – pocket version

Albert Einstein- sentences for your child 


Car brands

Sources of our facts: various websites dedicated to history of car manufacturers. I tried hard to choose the most interesting facts and to simply them as much as possible. I really recommend you the pocket version. Print it out, cut it, laminate it and cut it again and have it with you at all times. Every time you and your child see a particular car you tell him or her something about it. We do this and sometimes I make two even shorter programs out of one. Follow the same number of repetition as you have in other Doman’s programs. You don’t have to stick exactly to my version. The most important is that you share a  fact. However you do it, it is okay. I started with car brands from which surround us or which we most often spot in the street. More will come. You will find all car brands logos in the section with printable bits of intelligence.


Pocket version : Misubishi, Nissan, Citroen, Opel 

Sentences for your child: Mitsubishi

Sentences for your child: Nissan

Sentences for your child: Citroen

Sentences for your child: Opel



The source of our facts “The Cat Encyclopedia for KIDS” and a video with 10 fascinating facts about Maine Coon:



I have been trying to follow Doman’s formula to be found in “How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.” However, the only animal he referred to is a reptile. It was a challenge for me to stick to reptile magnitudes while creating cat magnitudes. You are welcome to compare my program of intelligence with Doman’s suggestions for magnitudes. I am looking forward to some feedback.

1. Most interesting and simple fact.

2. What it eats.

3. Habitat information.

4. Range information.

5. Size information.

6. Information on reproduction or young.

7-9. Anatomical or interesting feature.

10. Scientific classification. 

Maine Coon   

Pocket version

Sentences to be shown to your kid


You can download much more than programs of intelligence for Doman’s encyclopedic knowledge programmeYou will find a detailed description of the download section here.

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