Although my blog is only partly translated into English I will insert all the videoclips I have made so far here. As translating progresses I will add links to the related articled. I think it is a good idea to have a section with the whole collection of our videos. The videoclips come in the order from the latest to the oldest. They present all results of early education in my daughter: bilingualism, maths, reading and more. 

The main picture for this section has been chosen on purpose. It is supposed to remind you that babies and toddlers love to learn on condition that we -parents teach them with passion, joy, as fast as possible and without any pressure or testing. If you would like to know more, you are welcome to read my  blog.

A guide to creating a book for three year olds or younger kids having experience with Glenn Doman’s reading program– you will find a template here:


2 – 2,5 years – speech development in three languages:

– English


Speed reading with the rightbrain library – Maja is 29 months old. 


Reading with dad – Maja was 28 months old. This is a Polish version of “Guess who” by Guido Genechten.



Running in a complete cross pattern – Maja was 28 months. This is an important stage in a child’s development according to Doman’s Developmental Profile.



First session of reading program in the Italian language – we started when Maja was 28 months old.



Soap bubbles- a great breathing exercise:



 A game developing a child’s motor skills, especially cortical opposition which is vital to the future learning to write:



Activities supporting brain development: 


– on the trampoline: log rolling, running



– jumping and forward rolls



– climbing



– ball games



– first steps on a balance bike (you can buy such a bike even earlier when your child is e.g. 18 months old but it needs to be lighter and smaller of course; it’s a pity I didn’t know that)



– at the playground



26 months- dad and Maja reading and talking in Polish:



2 lata- Shichida maths from rightbrainlibrary– can you imagine I didn’t realize then that there is Full Screen option? One of mums made me aware of this. Anyway I think Maja is old enough to see smaller dots.



20 months – maths with Little Math – when I found out that dots on my cards are smaller than recommended and the the cards should be of the same size and ours are not, I was really worried. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to revise quantities with different visuals. If you are interested in Little Math my code BKAFF167008 will give you 10% discount. It is an affiliate code which means benefits are for both of us: you get a discount, I get a small commission which I will use in the future to buy books for my daughter. 



25 months – conversations over the book about the dog Spot: 



24 months – my daughter and reading:


– ideal books for Doman’s reading programme



21 months- 2 years- speech development in two languages:


– English



– Polish




First board games:





Supporting baby’s creativity and logical thinking through mathematical puzzles and right-brain stimulation: 


  • tangrams



  • shapes



  • numbers



Reading in Polish: 



20 – 23 months –  more results of having contact with maths almost since birth: 


– 20 months and mathematical jigsaw puzzle



– 20 months and mathematical magnets (dots)



– 20 months and a flash of genius? – magnetic dots again



22 months and playtime with Doman cards i zabawy z matematyką i czytaniem globalnym


-maths part 2



– maths part 2



– reading



22 months and first attempts at reading – but is it reading? – the answer is coming soon



Videoclips summing up my daughter’s speech development in 19th and 20th month – the results of bilingual upbringing: 


– part  1



– part 2



Videoclips summing up my daughter’s speech development from 9th to 18th month – the results of bilingual upbringing: 

– at 9-13 months



-at 16-18 months



20-month-old Maja wishes you Merry Christmas – you will find a Christmas entry here.


19- month-old Maja and first results of early maths programme


– counting steps in English



– counting in English and in Polish



– matching and recognition of a number 10



5 – 18 months – more than a year with the Doman method, first  – you will find an article summarizing this period here



Have you found my experience useful? If yes, share with others.  I am really curious how you support your baby’s speech development and how you are doing. I would be really delighted if you leave a comment and share your experience and ideas. 

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