Very first books for small kids


I will share all the books in the order I use them. As you know I created first personalized books about my Maja a long time ago and these are the books I decided to make available first. Who knows, maybe some of you will get inspired by them. It is enough to open the file and replace my baby’s pictures with the ones presenting your baby and change the text so that it matches your pictures. Remember to save it on your computer and not online because otherwise your file will be public instead of the file I put there. 

I mentioned personalized books in June, in August and in SeptemberAfter I have gained more experience and acquired more knowledge I admit they are not ideal. I used Times New Roman font which doesn’t belong to the sans serif fonts category recommended by some experts. It is not simple enough.

Glenn Doman never mentions types of fonts in his books but I am not surprised because computers hadn’t been invented yet in his times. Since the time I created the first books for my baby a lot of time has passed and I found a reliable source of information which I mentioned in detail here. Because of that I corrected the books for you. We learn from our mistakes and you don’t have to make the same ones as I did. 

All the books I have shared here are written with the use of an ideal font to facilitate the whole-word reading of small children. The size is quite big because I started really early, i.e. when Maja was 14 months old. Bear in mind that now we use much smaller font. Doman recommends the size 1” or 2″ for children under the age of 2. Having observed that Maja at the age of 18 months was able to recognize a tiny dog on the cover of one of her books, I followed my maternal instincts and diminished the font significantly. The dog was less than 5 mm in size and not very clear. For a while the font I used constituted one half of that used in our first books. Later on, I increased it a bit following the size used in books for kids by Aneta Czerska-a Polish expert who modified the Doman method so that it suits the Polish language. 

Maybe Doman meant the use of such a big font for kids who start the whole-word reading programme at this age. However, my daughter has already experienced visual stimulation which I mentioned here and 11 months of Doman’s reading programme which I described in great detail on this blog (you are welcome to browse the contents page). Therefore, I am sure that we can have a bit smaller words. After all, they say that the maternal instinct is never misleading and I feel I can follow it. 



I have learnt all my ITC skills by myself. I will be really grateful if you give me any feedback. Is it possible for you to download all the files? In case of any problems, feel free to contact me. 

First 7 books about a baby (Doman suggests that maximum of 5 sentences in each one). 

My daughter is now 2 years old and I have put all the books together and she has got just one thick book instead of 7. We haven’t been using them for some time and recently when I have decided to start reading them again, they have immediately become Maja’s favourites.

 First books about a baby- download and edit 

Another idea: 5 books about emotions and baby’s appearance

Because I used one photo twice, after printing the book I just drew red  arrows pointing to either Maja’s blonde hair or her blue eyes. 

 Feelings and emotions – download and edit 

 Appearance- download and edit 

I admitted here that I lacked inspiration as for the follow-up books but I have plenty for ideas now. I am planning to create a rhyming book soon. Meanwhile, I created the book with lyrics of Maja’s favourite songs in Polish which she can already sing. I introduced all single words that haven’t appeared in her presentations so far. 



Maja’s favourite songs

coming soon

Books supporting Maja’s speech development

I think I will write a separate post on this topic because not only books have positive impact on my daughter’s speech development. In a nutshell, if I notice that she can say something in Polish but not in English or if she makes a mistake I try to correct it by showing her a sentence or a phrase written on a card. I created the whole book with an expression “I want/ I don’t want.” 

Since Maja completed her 23 month of life she has been saying “I want/ I don’t want” very often. I admit this is not easy period in our life and I think that if you introduce the book I share before a child starts expressing his or her demands it may speed up this process 😛 She started showing off her willingness or unwillingness to do different things in the Polish language. I would like her English to be on the same level as Polish so I try to teach her how to express her will also in English however nice it was without those demands. Who knows….maybe the books of this kind will inspire you to create your own ones. 

What do you want? 



I have already written a post about bits of intelligence but it hasn’t been translated into English yet. The books which I share here are kind of bits of intelligence making a child familiar with encyclopedic knowledge. I came up with an idea for the first book by chance. After the cartridge had been replaced, my printer went crazy. It started printing completely black pages. Instead of throwing away those pages I remembered I had a white marker which I had used before for writing some description in our photo album. I decided to use it and the black pages were supposed to represent the night. Just for you, the first 3 pictures have been replaced with 3 free pictures I found on the Internet because I considered them better. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find more so I used my own “masterpieces.” 😛

To create this book took me much less time comparing with how much time I spent creating the first ones. Maybe, inspired by my idea, you will make a similar one on black paper. Maybe yours will be more advanced one with more constellations and sky phenomena. 

The sky at night


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I am really curious if and how you use the materials you can download here. Maybe you have some suggestions as for what I should add in this section. Maybe you also create similar books for your kids and you are willing to share with me. I would be really grateful because my time is limited and we need more and more books. I would be really delighted if you leave a comment and share your experience. 

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