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Unfortunately, the article about bits of intelligence and giving your little one encyclopedic knowledge is available in Polish only. I will translate it sooner or later. In the meantime, I recommend reading “How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge” by Glenn Doman.

Ever since I presented out first bits I have always combined them with the reading programme. We never have an illustration without a caption. Inspired by bits from rightbraineducationlibrary after I bought all that were available on the Polish market, I started creating my own ones. This is just the beginning and I am going to share everything with you. Enjoy!

In December 2019 I officially completed the reading program in Polish and in English with my daughter. I follow the advice of Bożena Bejnar-Sławow (she worked for the Instutites and knew Glenn Doman personally) I expand Maja’s knowledge by means of bits and programs of intelligence. This database is going to grow in size although it may seem a bit disorganized e.g. one bit at a time. I follow my daughter’s interests. 

Among my bits of intelligence you can find: 

– famous scientists  (for now only Albert Einstein) 

– Poland and the neighbouring countries,

– continents,   

– car brands, 

– the Solar System (only the part we have done programs to)

– dinosaurs (for now only Triceratops),

– insects (for not only mosquito). 




The picture of Triceratops comes from: Wikimedia Commons: Nobu Tamura ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 (].





Famous scientists

Albert Einstein


The Solar System:

Solar System



Poland and the neighbouring countries



The 7-continent model

The 6-continent model



Car brands

I needed to check the correct pronunciation of some brands because here, in Poland, we pronounce these words differently. If you need to do this, too, I have some links. Just click on the name. 









You can download much more than bits of intelligence for Doman’s encyclopedic knowledge programmeYou will find a detailed description of the download section here.

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