This section of my blog was suggested by one of the readers. I would like to thank you – Ewa for this and many other ideas. I will put them into practice sooner or later but first I need to find more time and acquire more ICT skills because I am still an amateur. As you can find out from About me page, I am not an ICT engineer but just a teacher of English. It took me two weeks to figure out how to add new sections and subsections to this blog. I will try to follow your ideas interchangeably with mine because I myself usually have one thousand ideas per minute.

I chose the photo of me and my 3-month-old little one to represent this section on purpose. It is supposed to illustrate Doman’s claim that it is never too early to teach a child and that the earlier we start, the better.  I think it is better both for a baby and a parent. We started the maths programme when Maja was 5-6 months old and the reading programme when she was 9-10 months old and I wish we had started even earlier.   

Right now you are welcome to download:

  • four kinds of children’s first books for the whole-reading programme :                                                                                                             part 1: baby’s personalized books                                                                         part 2: books supporting baby’s linguistic development                           part 3: books including bits of intelligence 
  • word lists for the books ideal for the whole-word reading programme which I found on the market (coming soon)
  • the list of equations in the maths programme by Doman (coming soon)

You can edit everything according to your needs. I add something new from time to time. Unfortunately, I can’t insert all our materials here because this will be an infringement of the copyright law. All the books I put here as downloadable have been created with the use of free pictures that I found online or my own ones. If you also create books for your children I would be really grateful if you share. I know that there is a lot of work involved in creating each of them and every one is precious. 


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I am really curious if and how you use the materials you can download here. Maybe you have some suggestions as for what I should add in this section. I would be really delighted if you leave a comment and share your experience. 

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I have created a Facebook group for parents doing Doman as I haven’t found any. This is just the beginning but I hope there will be more and more of us soon and that we will share our experience with one another.