Easter wishes


I am really happy there are more and more of you- the followers of my blog but also the followers of a Facebook group that I created or the followers of my fanpage on Facebook  or  Instagram.

Taking this opportunity that we have Easter now I wish that you believe in the potential of your little ones and in this that you can teach them virtually anything. It takes little to achieve a lot. 

May the happiness be with you all the time and may a joyful smile never leave your face. I wish you a good rest during this Easter time and every day and all the joy resulting from seeing the results of what you do with your kids no matter if you introduce the second or the third language, if you teach them to read or maths or something completely different.

My little daughter joins the wishes. She didn’t repeat them exactly as I wanted but you know how it is with kids 🙂 Anyway, I am proud of her because the video came spontaneously after she went on the table and started playing with Easter decoration. It reminded me immediately about Christmas wishes with a Christmas tree and I took the camera immediately.

Agnieszka Basta

By profession- a teacher of English. She is a book lover passionate about foreign language learning and developing children's potential starting from birth. This blog results from practical experience with her daughter. The theoretical basis came later. If you wish to maximize your child's potential, this is an ideal place. We have the same aim. This blog is focused on the Doman method and non-native bilingualism. There are also some insights into the Shichida and Heguru methods. If you would like to have a closer relationship with me, I invite you to join the Facebook group for parents.

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