Why have I started using the Doman method with my child? What is my goal?


 I have to admit I will be really happy if my experiment is successful. However, I know that every child is different and I respect this. And, most of all, I never push my child to learn. I just try to stir up her curiosity and have fun with my baby. 

  If the Doman method really works and Maja will be able to read and count (maybe she already can :P:P:P) before going to school – awesome; if it makes it easier for her to learn multiplication tables and other things – great. She will have more time to play 🙂 and to develop her real passions. She will never think of learning process as something unpleasant because apparently, we never remember the first three years of our lives and because learning is fun now. We are playing with words or numbers. It is not formal education in any of its aspects. All Maja’s “lessons,” if we can really call our time with the cards like that, usually last less than a minute (the timing depends of Maja’s attention span and on her interest level at a given moment.)

    If we won’t have any results, I will write about it, too. Parents who follow my blog know that I am doing my best in sticking to Doman’s main principles and even go beyond them with some creative ideas.  If it doesn’t work they will be advised against the Doman method and they won’t waste their time trying to teach a baby.  

  However, I strongly believe it will work one way or another. If it doesn’t teach my baby to read and maths at an early age, it will certainly develop her brain and make her future education easier. We will see what our global teaching will result in. Now…let’s invite Doman’s views to our lives. Let’s experiment with his theory. Let’s test it in practice.


  When I am really trying to find the main reason why I started, one thing comes to my mind. I couldn’t pursue one of my hobbies after giving birth to Maja which is working out in a gym. I needed to find something to occupy myself with not to dwell on the fact that I couldn’t do weightlifting for some time. What is the best hobby during a maternity leave? Of course, it is a hobby connected with taking care of a baby because you always have time for it  🙂 Doman seems to fit here ideally: a combination of having fun and teaching a baby. 

  There is one more thing. I have mentioned here that I am an English teacher. I love my work and I think I subconsciously miss it. After all, I will have been more than 18 months on a leave soon. It seems I have transferred teaching English to my house, on my baby.

    Right now, while I am writing this post, it has come to my mind that all I experience Maja may be handy in my work as a teacher. I have always been confident with primary school students or older ones. However, some time ago I also started teaching English in a kindergarten. This is a completely different story. 

   I sometimes need to be really creative to make Maja look at the cards. I know it won’t be possible to use all my domestic ideas in the kindergarten but some of them may be quite useful. I am also planning to use the word cards with my students because they are big enough and comfortable to use.

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