March 2017 – next step in global reading programme based on the Doman method: two-word expressions (Maja is 11 months old)


  We can treat this step of the reading programme as a revision because it is based on the single words we have already used. However, according to Glenn Doman it is not a typical revision. It is just the next step in global reading:  two-word expressions. 

    Anyway, Doman advises against all revision claiming it is boring for a child. Therefore, if a given word appears in our sessions for five consecutive days, three times daily, we have to put it away. We never return to this single word in the same way just to revise in.  We need to assume that such a little baby has a really receptive mind and that it learns in a flash. All the words shown so far have been memorized and we don’t need to worry that they will be forgotten.

    Well….it is unbelievable but I am trying to follow these suggestions as I don’t want to distort my experiment. I am curious about the results I will have with my baby doing Doman with her. And I have a feeling it will work because there must be a reason the Doman method is so popular around the world. However, particularly from my standpoint as a teacher, remembering without revising doesn’t seem possible. As a language learner I think the same. Nevertheless, my opinion is based on teaching kids aged at least 3, teenagers and adults or on my experience as a student. I have never taught a baby before😛

  Back to the point, following the principles for step two of global reading I show the same words which Maja has already seen before but now they are shown in a different way. They are not presented as single words but with adjectives describing them. I stick to the English language in accordance with my intention to raise my daughter bilingually (intentional bilingualism). Daddy will introduce the cards in the Polish language soon. 

 For example, in our sets today we have had: clean face, white flower, soft bed and dirty hand. Maja has seen every word separately. In the ready-made set I have bought here: there are cards with two words on them. It saves time as I do not have to create these phrases. I just take next cards. 

   As for the first 15 words, which I have printed, I had to print them again with a describing adjective for each of them. As a result we have expressions like: soft nappy, happy Maja or tasty milk.

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