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Doing roots with a baby

Going beyond Doman’s ideas with teaching maths to a baby – introducing roots (Maja is 16 months old)



This all Doman stuff must sound crazy to you and it sounds crazy to me, too. However, I do not belong to a group of traditional mums and I need something more so I decided to give it a try. I am really curious to know if it really works. Being a crazy and, at the same time, well-organized mum I have already completed all Doman’s suggestions on teaching maths to a baby. What now? Let’s make it even crazier.

I have already gone beyond Doman’s ideas – I introduced percentages. Let’s do roots now. It certainly won’t do any harm because I can’t imagine how looking at maths may be harmful. Certainly, it will stimulate my baby’s brain contributing to its growth. 

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